Freezer 2.0

by | Mar 19, 2021

We’ve got big news from the hull of the Tantrum. “Santa” (aka Captain Bruce and team) was very generous this year and brought her a new freezer system. It’s shiny green and hums like a …. New compressor, new stainless-steel pipes, new plates, new freezer box. Wow. What a difference four months and whack of change can make!

After twenty years, her system was tired and the decision was made to take the plunge. The job involved ripping apart the deck, removing the old pieces, replumbing, installing a new compressor, wiring, and fitting in the new freezer box. It was a long winter to say the very least. But in the end, freezer system 2.0 was successfully installed and running just in time to start the 2021 season. 

Our goal with this major project was to bring our customers an even better product (this new technology can get -70 and below!), while lessening our carbon foot print (burning 30% less fuel). Time will tell, but we feel confident that project will prove to be successful and we are looking forward to share our improved products with you this season. 

The freezer is one of the main work horses of  the Tantrum. You can’t have a quality, frozen at sea product without a running freezer. When you purchase a piece of fish that was frozen at sea, it is essentially like eating a fish that was just caught –  unlike a piece of “fresh” fish that could have potentially been caught two weeks ago. Fresh isn’t always best, and in fact can often times be much worse. We all know that awful fishy smell that comes from something that wasn’t properly cared for or has been out of the water for far too long at a not-so-nice-temperature. On the Tantrum, quality is our number one priority and we aim to please. The quicker we can clean and get our fish in a cold freezer, the better end product we will have.  

We are currently testing out the new freezer with a small amout of sablefish and halibut and then going full force with lingcod, rockfish and albacore. It won’t be long before you are sampling the fruits of this new piece of equipment. We don’t think you will be disappointed! 


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