by | Feb 22, 2022

 We are proud to announce the release of the Quadra Island Cookery III and it’s cover girl… a very sexy Tantrum Tuna loin cooked by none other than Captain Bruce. 

A large group of dedicated Quadra Islanders worked very hard to make this cookbook happen. And their efforts were well worth it when you see the final product. It’s a work of love, showcasing Quadra Island and its community at it’s finest. We couldn’t be prouder to be showcased inside and out of this beautiful book. 

When approached initially to contribute some seafood recipes, as a cookbook enthusiast, I was excited by the idea of a new collection of local recipes to play with in my own kitchen. But what I envisioned was the typical, simple spiral bound cookbook often seen around small communities. I never could have imagined this stunning, high quality book as the project’s end goal. I should have known better. This island has an amazing, talent-filled community of growers and eaters. Together, there is nothing they can’t grow, cook, or accomplish. 

I knew things were serious last May when the committee emailed us to ask if we would host a photo shoot at our home and cook a selected group of seafood recipes. What an honour! In all honesty, as much as we love to cook and host, I wasn’t sure we were qualified to host such an event. Presentation is not my strong-suit, but lucky for us, a talented photographer (thank you, Vince) and a food stylist (the lovely Sofka!) was here to make everything look perfectly placed and delicious.  In the end, it was a great success as you can see by the cover shot. 

The committee worked endless hours to put together the book which includes 140 recipes – all tested and tried several times over- plus hundreds of photographs showcasing the homegrown charm of island life on the BC coast. The recipes are accompanied by dozens of gardening and foraging tips, history tales and foodie profiles –  a pure delight to read and explore cover to cover. 

It’s available locally at Book Bonanza, the Quadra branch of the Coastal Community Credit Union, Ocean Pacific, and Works of Heart. It is the perfect gift for any foodie or lover of Quadra Island life.

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